Thursday, April 24, 2014

girls & a giveaway

girls - HBO
I don't know if you guys are like me, but I am on a major Girls kick. I tried so hard not to like it. I talked about why I wouldn't watch it and how I believed it was against everything I believed in...aka dressing well. However, I was convinced to give it a try and I love to hate it. I am currently in the heart of a season three binge and the fashion and sometimes lack there of is the most entertaining aspect. Well besides Adam and the inevitable Marnie musical moments.
me too Girls HBO
Speaking of Marnie, like most of you, her style is the one I identify with most. Or maybe it's her hair? Her hair is perfect. She is super uptight and highly unlikable. But her self-involvedness makes for a pretty awesome wardrobe. She has this plethora of amazing dresses and chic casual outfits that is something to replicate, for sure.
Marnie's yellow floral dress on Girls
Marni's bicycle sweatshirt on Girls

Her staples include classic dress silhouettes, dark skinny jeans, graphic tees and trendy accessories.
Untitled #159

Do you guys have a fascination with Girls & Marnie's closet like I do? If not, this last video should do it... She really is just so shitty and awesome.

Now for the extra fun part! Want to pick up some of your favorite Girls inspired pieces or something new for spring? Enter here!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Each Thursday, I look back for my perfect #tbt photo. There are so many avenues you can go with this fun weekly activity. You can go cute picture from your childhood, fun picture from senior year spring break, cute early relationship photo, funny photo that may embarrass you or a friend, etc. While searching for these little gems, a new weekly ritual has emerged. I like to call it #omgno. Photos that would fit this exercise could include, but are not limited to:

 Wearing a tutu with tights as pants and a sweater on top, just so you leave a bit to the imagination.

An outfit that involves metallics and ruffles it is festive, right?

 Golfing? Perfect! I will wear jorts and flats.

 Learning how to shoot a gun in the woods? I have just the outfit: A Burberry scarf, uggs, sorority letters AND leggings as pants. Oh wait, don't forget your leg warmers!

 Nothing like an ill-fitting and see through tube top to say "hey Florida, I am here."

 Halloween=tights as pants again!

 David Bowie called, he wants his shirt back.

 Wearing a tube top with bright colored bra straps, because thats so much cuter than a strapless bra, right?

Merry Christmas, wear these adult footie pj's and document it...please!

Have you guys come across any #omgno moments when looking for your perfect #tbt? This is going to be my new Wednesday tradition. Link-up and make me feel a little bit better about myself.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

white denim

J.Crew top//J.Brand denim//J.Crew pumps

I am not one to follow the 'not white after Labor Day' rule but I do have a hard time incorporating white pants when it isn't warm and sunny. So it goes without saying that I needed to bust these out ASAP. I love the versatility of white denim. You can really do anything with them. For my first go round this season, I loved matching two of my favorite things: leopard pumps and a denim top. Happy springg!! Weee!

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laid back

Untitled #158

I cannot wait to bust out my denim jacket rather than layers and layers of winter gear.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

my perfect spring must haves

Untitled #157

one//  light open knit sweaters in fun colors
two// distressed denim
three// wide leg denim
four// the perfect sneaker
five// light lips
six// tees galore
seven// utility jacket
eight// spring wedges
nine// patterned blouses
ten//baseball tee

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful in New England so I am planning to wear anything I can that is not winter related. I have been feeling myself trend towards more casual pieces as I have mentioned before and I don't hate it. Do you guys have any spring staples you are loving right now?

I am linking up with Whitney today because what is better than sharing your favorite jams on a Friday? I wanted to add a song normally, but my computer is acting up so here is the video to my favvvveee song of the moment. Happy weekend loves! TGIF.

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