Monday, June 30, 2014

It's been awhile...

And I can honestly say that I really missed you guys. After my last post (here), I needed a little break. With so much going on, this little piece of creative heaven has taken a back seat. But after a long vacation with friends, I am refreshed, rebooted and ready to go! How have you all been doing?! I have to say all of the love and feedback I received from you guys has been amazing.  I had a hard time writing that post and it took me about seventeen re-reads and a few days to press publish. So, I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you.

Now with one of my favorite holidays right around the corner, I have been planning my gear in my head. I am planning on spending my fourth on the beach all day and then straight to a beach bar at night so my outfit has got to be versatile and patriotic. The key to pulling this off will be some staple pieces and the right undergarments to change into post beach.

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Along with the outfit, a few other items are a must. I am obsessed with bringing refreshing wipes with me when I am outside for while in the summer. These are great for your face, underarms and whole body really! You won't have to feel all sandy and sweaty. I love these ones here. Also, don't forget deodorant, a little bronzer, mascara and some bobby pins for a quick hair re-do. Man, I just can't love holidays that involve the beach, good people, beers and America. 
What are you all doing for the holiday? Man, it's great to be back.
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